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Gym Academy

Doing more with less. Founded in Annapolis, MD. Developed in Venice, CA. Training in Salt Lake City, UT.

Coming Soon - November 2022

Gym Academy: About

Gym Academy is where you can access all the training, nutrition, and recovery guidelines for the U.S. Gym Academy.

Virtual Nutritional Consulting


Learn how to eat for recovery

As a U.S. Gym Academy trainee - you will receive nutritional consulting to maximize recovery from training and physical activity. Your diet and supplements will be recommended to you and monitored based on digestion, preferences, and activity levels.

Mobile Training


Learn how to train - at your gym

U.S. Gym Academy trainees will receive 1 on 1 training. These training methods are used by World Class Bodybuilding Trainers and Elite Military Weight Training Instructors.

Online Education


Master the fundamentals

The education you receive at the U.S. Gym Academy is based on highly specialized and tested training methods. You will learn how to maximize muscle stimulus in shorter periods of time and how to construct a training program that is based on your own body mechanics and genetics.

Gym Academy: Features
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